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Marina Hoermanseder
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Marina Hoermanseder

Marina Hoermanseder

Marina Hoermanseder

Marina Hoermanseder

will be speaking at DLD Berlin

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Marina Hoermanseder
Title: CEO and Designer

Marina Hoermanseder is a Berlin-based womenswear label and combines the finest artisanal sophistication with eccentric yet elegant designs. Founded in 2013 the French-Austrian designer’s work represents a bold, feminine individualism.

Upon completing her MA in International Business Adm inistration, the Viennese fashion designer furthered her studies at Berlin’s ESMOD Fashion School and completed further vocational training at London’s Central St. Martins College. After a successful internship at Alexander McQueen and having shown at various international fashion weeks, including the Salon de Cuir in Paris, the Berlin-Dubai Fashion Festival by Goethe Institute, London Graduate Fashion Week, as well as Portugal Fashion Week, in 2014 she debuted her first collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin and the Fashion Scout in London.

Marina Hoermanseder's collection unites progressive cuts with fetish elements, experimenting with sharp contrasts and playing with the beauty of the unconventional. Precisely fitted leather corsets and intricate closures are combined with delicately flowing fabrics, revealing the individual signature of the designer. With slender silhouettes and subtle details such as leather straps, buckles, gatherings and rivets, Hoermanseder creates an interplay between the avantgarde and ready to wear with her own particular extravagant aesthetic.

For her celebrated designs made of vegetable-tanned, hand-lacquered leather, Marina Hoermanseder draws her inspiration from sources such as 18th century orthopedic corsets, breaking with convention through her aestheticization, in turn evoking a distinct allure. All of the pieces in the collection bring together the highest level of craftsmanship with elegance and eccentricity, exhibiting a passion for detail down to the smallest of elements.

At a glance:
Label: Marina Hoermanseder