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Videos Magazine
Highlights - Enlightenment & Humanism – How To Value Values (Nida-rümelin, Pinker, Kreye | DLD 18
Goodbye for today! Enjoy dinner & see you tomorrow from 8.30 am! #DLD18 #reconquer https://t.co/rqxbhzxIkz
DLD Team
via Twitter
From @ricksmolan's presentation: How women were depicted in media years ago. #DLD18 #reconquer #equality https://t.co/5oLdfRQbru
DLD Team
via Twitter
We Are Running Out of Time
No wonder Christiana Figueres is called the “climate saver”. From 2010 to 2016 she was Secretary ...
Marlien Koch
Highlights - Uber’s Next Chapter (T. Koch, BILD & D. Khosrowshahi, Uber) | DLD 18
Highlights-Making Europe Resilient-To Cyberattacks (Rodosek,Gabriel,Ploss,Schönbohm, Knop)|DLD 18
Biology in the hands of a designer has the most abundant creativity - @Biocouture #DLD18 talking about alternatives… https://t.co/AmzfQzrdsI
DLD Team
via Twitter
Reconquering values in the light of populism
In the spirit of this year's theme, experimental psychologist and Harvard professor Steven ...
Karen Khurana
Enlightenment for humans and robots alike